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Annuity Leads

Act Now to Purchase Exclusive Leads in Your Area!

We offer the most affordable, high quality regional leads available: These leads are exclusive which means every lead you purchase from us will never be sold again. Most lead retailers sell the same lead multiple times, we do not. Furthermore, the leads are fresh. When a lead comes in, it is assigned to an agent immediately. We do not warehouse leads.

Building Relationships is our Business.

We are a boutique lead company that works to build personal relationships with our clients, and we recognize that you are also in the business of building relationships with your prospects. All leads requesting information from us receive an automated confirmation introducing them to you as soon as they have been assigned, so they know who you are and expect to hear from you.

Don't Miss This Opportunity!

We have a finite amount of leads we harvest every month. We have been a private program for many years, and recently decided to open up our leads in a limited, semi-private engagement in all fifty states. Once areas are reserved to match our current capacity, they are locked to new lead buyers until an opening or increase in lead supply occurrs.

Reserve your area now
We are currently no longer taking reservations for leads in CO, GA, IL, IN, and OH.